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Parallel42 are a full service Business Intelligence consultancy.

From Discovery Workshops to understand and prioritise requirements through to data engineering and report development. P42's key technology experience and partnerships include Snowflake, Tableau and the Microsoft stack - including Azure, Data Factory and Power BI. 

Xode was engaged by P42 to craft their brand design and bespoke website. 

Creative strategy, logo design, website UX UI design, website development, Content Management System (CMS). 

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Xode set the creative scene for P42, developing their logo, brand design and website. 

Parallel42 were newly formed. They needed a strong brand design to support their entrance as a new company. We designed their logomark with data in mind, playing with data elements to encapsulate the 42 in the logomark, with a bold typography. Their shortform logo uses two pipes “||” to represent parallel lines, tying into their brand name. 

They wanted a modern website that was easy to navigate and a place where they could regularly add new content as their technology platforms grow and expand. We developed dynamic ‘Technology’ pages that are customisable from their CMS. They can add new pages easily, adding the building blocks to make up each page to suit the content. 

Their CMS also included a dynamic blog so they can easily keep their website fresh and relevant. This all aids in boosting their SEO results and a strong digital presence.