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A leading provider in security alarm monitoring services throughout New Zealand for over 25 years. 

Radionet offers a nationwide network to other businesses for mission-critical military grade services. They provide a secure network for transporting vital alarm data from security systems to monitoring centres throughout New Zealand. Their wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices are manufactured to high standards and specifications. We built the technology platform that interfaces with the wireless IoT devices, companion real-time mobile apps and monitoring centres, as well as complete in-house workflow systems. 

Strategy, business analysis, solutions design and architecture, UX/UI design, mobile app development, web app development, server software development,  database design and development, on-premise network and cloud services management.

Our services.

Automated workflows, custom internal systems and companion mobile apps give a competitive edge. 

Radionet has enhanced internal systems, eliminated paper from their office and launched two companion mobile apps after Xode transformed the way they do business. From a database that was difficult to report from and paper-based processes for their technical support, they now operate with seamless workflow systems that were tailored specifically for their unique processes, with better insights into their business and their large volumes of data.

Xode developed the software that has enabled Radionet to process over 200,000 requests every 60-seconds, in real-time throughout New Zealand, since 2016 through to today.  

They now automate their previously manual processes, integrating mobile apps with their wireless 4G Internet of Things (IoT) devices and remotely controlling them from anywhere in New Zealand. Technicians can now live-stream data coming from the devices and configure them straight from their mobile phone, making installation easier and reducing installation-related support.

Gaining insight into their business through better reporting, and capturing more meaningful data.

Radionet's internal systems were overhauled and transformed into web applications with reporting that can be securely accessed from a web browser – giving the business flexibility in the way they operate that previously didn’t exist. In addition to the technicians mobile app, the technical support process now logged through a web portal has reduced the support queue by more than 80%, through support coding and easy identification of past issues. 

Xode was able to come in and look at the current way of doing things, recommend better ways and work with Radionet to streamline their processes before putting these into automated workflows. The automated workflows include sales orders, inventory management, support requests and remote technical configuration of wireless products. All systems are integrated, supported by a SQL database and securely hosted in a blended network on premise and through Microsoft Azure cloud services.  

Our business has been transformed. We now have a lot of interest in our companion mobile apps and this has increased our sales.

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